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Leadership and Marketers find themselves estranged and in an existential crisis for purpose . The culmination of misleading information across every discernable source in concert with an untenably poor Leadership shortage, has created the perfect storm. We refuse to accept this as the norm. Our work,"Leadership Singularity" is a battle cry for new strategies to restore the effectiveness, trust, and confidence of corporations worldwide.

A new

breed rises.

Who are the architects?

Leadership Singularity
Leadership Singularity

From many, comes one.

Four practitioners united in a resolve to create a better way for leaders and marketers to restore integrity, truth, and sustainability back into the global commerce.

Why did we write a book during a Pandemic?

Leadership Singularity

Hard problems.

Elegant solutions.

“Leadership Singularity exposes the failure of current marketing and leadership practices. We remove the scaffolding of an obsolete system. 
An operating philosophy that doesn’t promote sustainability, and one that has driven us to search for more positive, persistent, and scalable solutions.”

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Leadership Singularity
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Leadership Singularity

Leadership is not Optional.

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