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Top 3 Leadership tips from Tony Robbins, "Awaken the Giant Within"

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Tony Robbins and Trident Strategies CEO, Patrick Novak sharing a few laughs backstage.

Leader's Insight kicks off our first recommended reading from one of the most dominant experts in the personal development and self improvement space, Tony Robbins.

Anyone who seeks to lead others, knows deeply that relentless self improvement is necessary to gain credibility, buy-in, and create the infectious enthusiasm required to make amazing things happen.

So what are the top takeaways on Leadership from Tony's book, "Awaken the Giant Within?

1. Companies only work well, when they improve the lives of others.

Everything about this concept seems elemental, yet in execution it's beyond difficult for many leaders to get this right. Why is that?

"The true purpose of any corporation is to create products and services that increase the quality of life for all customers they serve." - T. Robbins

Trident Strategies front row with Tony Robbins.

Tony suggests something seemingly obvious as an academic theory, yet elusive in application. He specifically attacks poor leadership that seeks to motivate through negativity, fear, and punishment.

Often times, a leader's untempered ego fueled by irrational fear can burn down corporate culture like a lit match upon a gasoline soaked stack of hay.

Once leadership takes this approach, it is extremely hard to change course and turn the ship around.

Successful firms know that treating employees right from the start, always flows to the customer. Fear is just a basic control method and it's temporarily effective, until it all comes crashing down.

So if you're really looking to improve the customer experience, take care of your people first.

2. Success is slow drip, not instant mix.

How many times have you found yourself frustrated by a lack of speed, wondering why your desired outcome is taking forever? If you're in Federal government contracting, the process to win a contract award can take years, especially when the customer values consistency over speed.

"Success is processional. It's the result of a series of small disciplines that lead us into habitual patterns of success that no longer require consistent will or effort." - T. Robbins

In these moments of frustration or delay, it's vital to take your team into a series of exercises that embrace the importance and execution of patience. Counterintuitive to the hyper successful leader, there is a tempering urgency particularly needed to inspire your staff in the long run. If they see frustration-laden impatience without explanation or clear communication, it creates fear. This in turn causes a mysterious sickness in staff as they look to leave and work in an environment where they can have a healthier corporate experience.

While the nature and longevity of employment has changed drastically over the last few years, the positive ways in which we must treat our staff should only improve every day we are lucky enough to call them employees.

3. Questions are smart, if asked. Companies are smarter, only if they answer.

Many corporations have unknowingly created environments wherein questions that seek understanding or clarity are viewed as incompetence or a threat to leadership authority.

This is a dangerous way to create the "ostrich effect," where employees bury their heads in the sand and keep to themselves. The cultural damage done in this type of anti-inquisitive environment is untenable. You need and want your people asking questions, all the time. It's critical for leadership to demonstrate and encourage staff to improve and expand upon the nature of their questioning.

"Businesses succeed when those who make the decisions that control their destiny ask the right questions about markets or strategies or product lines." - T. Robbins

Make sure you continue the practice of encouraging your team to ask questions. Over time, this exercise keeps you sharp and endears a greater trust from staff because of your willingness to clarify intent. Improve your questions, improve your results, and you'll quickly see a compounding improvement to the company's culture and success.

Final note, if you need a motivational boost, I highly recommend attending Tony's Unleash the Power Within and grabbing a seat in the front row. Often times attending these events can be just as much about meeting and networking with those like-minded success seekers around you. More on that later, but let's close with a question:

What are you going to do today, that'll make you proud to be you - tomorrow?



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